A brand new website


Success often comes with significant changes, from a winning spirit, constant improvement and the acknowledgement that the effort was worth it. For that reason, UMAI Gourmet would like to show you our new website, which has a wider vision of the reality and in which we’d like to show our products in a better space with a fresh and innovative drive, placing them in the spot they deserve as they are organic, artisanal and top quality.

This website will be the entrance door to our flavours, our souls and the passion we share: the delicatessen products of the Almeria region.

This website gives a fresh and attractive image in which we show you our region, Almeria, as part of our roots and the land where we grow our sophisticated products. For that reason, we have designed our website as follows:

Know UMAI Gourmet welcomes you to our home, where we tell you about our origins and our products’ credentials as well as showing you the Spanish region where they’re grown, Almeria.

The “Our products” section 100% vegan aims to make your mouth water with a professional exhibition of our jams, trial packs, pâtés and gourmet sobrasadas, dehydrated products and tomatoes in oil Bio.

In “Find out recipes” we offer you some recipes to enjoy using our best products exclusively and you’ll have the opportunity to tell us the recipe you’ve made using our products that have made you experience a sensorial experience of Almerian flavours.

“Our blog” is aimed to share with you the experiences that we have enjoyed at UMEI Gourmet, and keep you updated with the latest events and also introduce you the latest products that we may incorporate to our brand.

And last but not least “Contact us”, a section where you have the opportunity to contact us in order to start a professional relationship, offering you personalised attention through email or telephone where we would answer any queries that may arise.