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UMAI Gourmet products are the clear example that vegan food is not the future but the present, and it’s rapidly increasing popularity. For that reason we open this section, in which we’ll talk about our recipes, which their main ingredient is creativity and innovation monitored by UMAI Gourmet.

Do our products make your mouth water? So do ours, there’s no bigger pleasure in life that a flavour burst in our palate that takes us to our motherland, right in the heart of Almeria, making you feel alive.

In UMAI Gourmet we believe that sharing is the most important thing in live, share knowledge and experiences that have made us fly, literally. That’s the reason we are here with you telling how we got to create the recipes and the ingredients we have used in order to achieve the flavour we dreamt of. And, as the most important thing for us is our clients and friends’ experience, we will share in this post the recipes you send to us giving the best description of our gourmet products.

Ya puedes echar un vistazo a la receta de Pasta que elaboró Rafael Rodriguez acompañada con paté ghost y paté sunset boulevard que resultó ser una combinación bestial; las berenjenas secadas al sol; o el espectacular Bacalao con Dracul a base de mermelada de pimiento deshidratado.

and you, what are you waiting for to take part in our recipe section?